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Company Overview


USANA, which stands for true health, is a health supplement manufacturer based in Utah, USA. It started its operation in 1992 and was founded by a well-recognized immunologist, microbiologist and infection disease diagnosis pioneer, Myron Wentz. Who is Wentz? He founded Gull Laboratories in 1974. He aimed to enhance viral diagnostics and among his best achievements was the first commercial availability of diagnostic test for the  Epstein-Barr virus. 




In the modern day, or nearly three decades after its foundation, the company's health care supplements and nutritional supplemental products get the highest rating in the world. They have been tagged as the best products that money could ever buy. They were put in comparison with other nutritional product manufacturing companies in other continents but they appeared to be among the most reliable of all according to reviewers, critics and consumers. 


Business Opportunity


USANA makes their health products available to consumers by way of direct selling. Although USANA understands that it could have been easier for people to just purchase their products in grocery stores, it comes with a much better perspective that could aid benefit you health-wise and economically. That is why they introduce direct selling. With this scheme, every consumer may have the opportunity to use the best wellness products that the world can offer and at the same time, take advantage of a marketing design that allows the making of more money. And as you make more money from selling, you get the chance to afford the product better and as a whole, improve life better. Making each life a quality one, in terms of finances and health, is at the heart of USANA's objectives and goals. Usana customers can confirm this. 


What Makes USANA Worthy of Trust


Any new idea, discovery or invention is at some point or another needs to be proved through time and sometimes, by awards. And that is basically the reason why USANA is considered to be among the best wellness product manufacturer in the whole world. Usana Products are among the best out there. Yes, it has been highly-ranked by several recognized organizations in the world. But it is not just that. It has proven itself by its near three decades of existence in a highly fluctuating industry as well as with recognition and awards. With long existence, it has proven itself to be more experienced. With recognition and awards, it has proven itself to be just above the rest of the other businesses offering the same line of products.